Vegan FAQ, abolitionism, and nutrition:

I’m not vegan, but I’d like to learn about veganism. Where can I find out more about becoming vegan?

A great place to start is at Boston Vegan Association’s FAQ site. You may also want to check out and order the free, full color pamphlet at veganpamphlet.com. Or check out the one and only fully Vegan Starter Kit!

I’m already vegan. Where can I learn more about the abolitionist approach to animal rights?

Start here to find out more about the abolitionist approach to animal rights. Also check out The Abolitionist Approach website.

Where can I learn more about vegan nutrition? Do you get enough protein? Calcium? Vitamin D? How about Vitamin B12?

The Boston Vegan Association has a fabulous nutrition guide you can view online here. You may also order free pamphlets to distribute to others. Find out more about protein in a vegan diet here. Learn more about vegan nutrition here. If you’d like to purchase vitamin supplements check out Vegan Essentials. Your local Whole Foods, natural grocery store, or pharmacy may already carry some of these popular brands.

Why don’t you use honey in your cooking?

Honey is NOT vegan. This is why.

It appears that you only use organic sugar. Are animals harmed in the processing of sugar?

Yes, they are. Read this.

Are there other food items commonly mistaken as vegan?

Yes, here is a list of some of the most common items. You may be surprised to find some “veggie” and “faux” items that aren’t vegan!

Recommended Reading:

Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog? by Gary Francione
Rain Without Thunder: The Ideology of the Animal Rights Movement by Gary Francione
Animals as Persons: Essays on the Abolition of Animal Exploitation by Gary Francione
Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World by Bob and Jenna Torres
Animals, Property, and the Law (Ethics and Action) by Gary Francione
Becoming Vegan: The Complete Guide to Adopting a Healthy Plant-Based Diet by Brenda Davis, Registered Dietician
Vegan for Life by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina, Registered Dieticians
Making a Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights by Bob Torres
The Case for Animal Rights by Tom Regan
Generation V: The Complete Guide to Going, Being, and Staying Vegan as a Teenager by Claire Askew
Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust by Charles Patterson
The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery by Marjorie Spiegel
Animal Equality: Language and Liberation by Joan Dunayer

Animal Rights Blogs:

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
Rutgers Prof. Gary L. Francione’s website–complete with blog and forums–exploring an abolitionist approach to animal rights that regards veganism as the moral baseline and requires that nonhumans need only be sentient in order to have the right not to be treated as human resources.

The following four links are to grassroots abolitionist advocacy groups around the world engaging in non-violent vegan education:

  • Boston Vegan Association
    Vegan advocacy group based out of Boston, MA. The BVA creates and sends out literature on animal rights and nutrition to advocates all over the world.
  • Alice Springs Vegan Society
    Vegan advocacy group in Alice Springs, Australia.
  • NZ Vegan
    Vegan advocacy group and podcast in New Zealand.

Vegans of Color
Many vegan spaces seem to be assumed (consciously or not) to be white by default, with the dialogue within often coming from a place of white privilege. We’re not single-issue here. All oppressions are connected.

Working Class Vegan  
The goal of Working Class Vegan is to present animal rights theory in a clear and consistent manner to the working class and make veganism accessible to the masses, especially low-income households and underprivileged neighborhoods.

Charities and (small) Animal Sanctuaries that need your help:

Charities That Test On Animals 
Charities That DO NOT Test On Animals
for the Animals Sanctuary
Maple Farm Sanctuary 
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
Food For Life Global

BVA’s Shopping Links

Resources (vegan bodybuilding, nutritionists, pregnancy and children, etc.):

Feeding Vegan Kids
Brenda Davis, Registered Dietitian and nutritionist
Ginny Messina, MPH, RD
Pregnancy and the Vegan Diet
Our Vegan Pregnancy
Vegan Bodybuilding Forum
Vegan Fitness Forum
Brendan Brazier Vegan pro-triathelete, speaker, author

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